Dreaming is one of those freedoms that will always be there, no one can take away the possibility of dreaming because it is a process that occurs internally. I believe that each person has a definition and a different relationship with dreams, for some it may be something common to dream constantly and for others it may be a skill that has been somehow lost or gone.
In essence dreaming is a skill that we need to develop and is deeply connected with who we are and our purpose on earth. Sometimes it can be very difficult when we don’t seem to see everything that we could have or achieve, when we can’t grasp the image of that higher version of our reality.
The thing is that I believe that there is a difference between saying “I don’t know what I want” and ” I’m not able to see my dream”. Sometimes, we can not see in our mind the visual image of our dreams, but we can feel their energy of expansion and love, and we know that we are going in the right direction. And the matter of fact is that a dream does not have to be clear in the mind at the beginning, if you can feel it in the heart. Because with that feeling of expansion, little by little you know you’re building your dream. It is as if you would have in front of you a blank canvas and the dream is so great and big that does not fit into that canvas, therefore you struggle to see it.
On the other hand, I often hear: “what if I don’t know what I want?” or “I can’t” and you do not feel connected with the energy of gratitude and expansion.
I believe that in the bottom of our hearts we already have the answers to our questions. We can convince ourselves that we do not know what we want or do not know how to dream, but in the bottom of our hearts we know, the problem is that we are afraid to admit it. We are convinced that the ability is blocked as a form of protection for not recognizing that we have fears about how to manifest.
If this is the case, I invite you to sit in silence and watch (feel) what is actually happening, where are the blockades, which are the internal voices and fears that come to the surface when you begin to imagine a better life.
So today I’m asking you to Give yourself permission to dream. The act of dreaming is a gift that we give to ourselves in silence, in acceptance of the fact that we are ready to express who we are. When we dream, we go into a state of communion with the soul in which she tells us stories and reveals the potential that we have in this life. It is an opportunity to get to know ourselves better and to enjoy the beautiful creative process of manifestation.
If you want to go dipper into dreaming and manifesting a better life or a higher version of you, I’m always here.
Love and light,