In general we tend to force us to do more things than we can handle and to expect too much of ourselves. We live in a constant struggle to be independent and to prove that we can do everything, trying to be. In my case, Wonder Woman.

But, the reality is that we are not always able to do everything (no one can do it all by itself) and it is not expected that of us. We have the right to ask for help from time to time and is doing well.

Asking for Help is a way to receive abundance

This lesson to ask for help extends into all areas of our life, both for people who are entrepreneurs, as well as for those that are not. It also applies to women who are moms or those who have many responsibilities in their hands. The power asking for help is not a defect, on the contrary, it is a strength because we are acknowledging that we are our priority and that the balance is important. Sometimes we judge so strongly and we do not realize that perhaps if we ask for help we would be in a space where we can take better care of ourselves, our families and our business, if it is the case.

Ask for help, it is also learning to receive abundance. Many times we close to the blessings around us because we block the channel to receive. Sometimes, the gifts are not physical things, can be a gesture of help or something that would contribute to freeing your burden of responsibilities. Allow yourself to receive love, help and support. Open yourself up to what life wants to give you. You don’t have to do everything yourself, there are angels (human and non-human) that can help you if you let it, but you have to learn to ask for what you need. If you don’t ask, it is very difficult to give us and life is definitely much better when we can enjoy it fully.

Here I share some questions that you can do to help you recognize if your channel to receive help and abundance is open:

1. In what areas of your life you are more tired or worn. Do You Have Help in them?, have you asked someone to help lift your burden? If you have not already done so, why?.

2. Are you too demanding of others? Sometimes, we ask for help but we want that everything turns out perfect, that is to say, that only we can make mistakes, but others do not. Are you comfortable with the fact that things are not going to be as you always want to?.

3. Where does the need to control is? Sometimes our need to control comes from an internal change, fear of an addiction to something material or a limiting belief. Explores what would happen if you lose control of that area of your life: how do you feel?. Learn how to relate to the uncertainty and to let go of the attachments, because nothing is permanent, everything could change tomorrow.

4. Are you open to receive abundance? The fact that someone wants to help is a way to give love and receive abundance. The abundance is not always money, can be anything that will help you to live well and fully.

5. Do you have trouble asking for help?

I hope that this article brings so light to your path and help you to discover or see that there is nothing wrong in asking for help when you need it.