Overcoming Limiting Beliefs:

Limiting beliefs are those that restrain or restrict our growth in some way. We all came into this world with a unique expression of our soul and several gifts that make us special and different. Our purpose in life is to be that full and authentic expression of ourselves, finding our place of belonging in the world.

The beliefs can support this maximum expression of who we are or may limit this growth. The way we perceive the world is formed by our beliefs, thoughts and emotions. All these together represent a filter through which we see the world and is up to each of us to see it as a place full of love and expansion or as a hard and difficult place.

Where do this beliefs come from?

The beliefs can come from many places and be conscious or unconscious. We have beliefs about ourselves, about the rest of the people or the world in general. Almost always the beliefs come from:

· Direct experiences: We are always learning from each situation or event in life, so when something happens to us, we create a conclusion of this. This conclusion can be positive or negative and becomes our belief about life or about similar situations to these.

· The educational system: a large part of our learning of life comes from the school and the educational system in general. Through it, we learn to socialize, as well as acceptable behaviors and the structure of our society.

· Fears: many of the limiting beliefs come from fear, not been accepted or shame. For example, some people formed the limiting belief,  “I can’t” do something in particular, by the fear that if they do it, they will not be accepted or they will be more susceptible to criticism.

· The family or the inheritance: another very important factor are the beliefs of our family and the environment in which we grew up. One of the most important necessities when we grow is the security and trust in our family. Generally we assume all the beliefs of the family, both positive and negative without question and this is shaping the way we perceive the world and also our attitude when we are already prepared to face the world for ourselves.

How can we change our limiting beliefs?

Step 1: Practice the full presence or mindfulness
When we are living in a state of mindfulness, in full acceptance of the moment as it is happening, it is easier to observe our thoughts and detect limiting beliefs at the time, so as to be able to correct them. When we live in auto pilot, we tend to react to situations without thinking and continuing with the same pattern. The full presence or mindfulness helps us to better observe our behavior and thoughts, so as to be able to align them with beliefs that empower us.

Step 2: Question Everything
It’s been said that when we question everything we find what is the truth for ourselves. Question Everything, from what you read or view, until what you think. Question your beliefs and your way of viewing life, explore and find your own recipe for happiness.

Step 3: Watch what you say to yourself and the beliefs that you have about life.
Write down all your beliefs and observed everything that crosses your mind. When you write you realize how powerful is this belief and what would happen if you do not have it. Pay attention to certain key words that indicate a limiting belief, such as:
• I can / can’t
• I DO / DO I should / should not
• I am / I am not
• This works / does not work as well
• They do/don’t do
• They should / should not

Step 4: Choose an affirmation and positive belief to replace that limiting belief.
Ideally this assertion that replaces your belief has to be positive and in the present. By nature we tend to see the world of dual way, that is to say, on the basis of the opposites. So, when we have negative perceptions of the world, we have to replace that belief by a positive to be able to live that other reality.
Affirmations are a powerful way to break limiting beliefs, but only to the extent that You would believe that it is possible. Looking for a new belief that is aligned with what you want to see in your life now and practice it. Use your imagination to feel who you would be without that belief and how would be your life.

Step 5: Act as if that new belief is your reality and look for techniques to support you in affirming that belief.
Now you have to act on that belief. This means doing things different and find a new reality for you. There are many tools, you can work with the physical body and energy, find a coach to support you in this.

Remember that:
1. You are not your beliefs: beliefs are temporary and are not who you really are. You are much more than that believe about yourself or the world.
2. You have the right to change your beliefs: nothing is permanent, you have the right to develop your own beliefs.
3. Heal the root of the belief or wound behind it, but don’t stay there forever: Don’t fall into the trap of staying in analyzing that belief without leaving it, because then it becomes another form of resistance that will stop your grow. It is easy to fall into the trap of replacing that belief by the analysis of the belief and end up in the same place.

If you are ready to advance and grow, always expanding! I’m here to help you in the journey.

Love and kindness