How can we attract more abundance and positive things to our lives?

There are many powerful techniques to attract what we want in life, but one of the most powerful is to practice gratitude daily.
What does this mean? What Is to say “thank you” to all the people we see in the day? Not necessarily. Practice gratitude is giving thanks, from our heart, for what we already have in our lives. For example a home, a warm bed to sleep, the friends of the soul, the healthy children or the food on the table.

Giving thanks helps us to keep us in the present, focus on what we have now and not in what we lost in the past, nor what we are concerned about the future. Automatically puts us in a higher vibration where we feel happier and better.
Our thoughts create our reality and to be able to see the positive things in our life we focus on a culture of abundance, not of lack. This approach attracts better things every day and put us in the position where our happiness is not depending on others, but ourselves, because we choose how to view it.

At first you may feel strange to give thanks for things that have always been there, but after a while the feeling of love that one begins to feel when we thank becomes almost addictive. It feels so good to be able to smile at people, give thanks, to give hugs and laughter that the feeling of anger is almost rejected by the body. The feel happy and full of love becomes a habit. It has been shown that gratitude has many health benefits.

People reduce their stress levels and improve their ability to handle difficult moments in which previously would have reacted in a most negative way. By reducing the production of the stress hormone, cortisol, it also increases the immune system. Studies have shown that gratitude activates the same areas of the brain that the feelings of astonishment and admiration, producing dopamine and serotonin and improving the mood. To create the habit of gratitude is very easy. The key is to make it part of your daily routine.

Choose a time when you’re doing a usual activity such as cooking, while in the shower or queuing up at a bank and take the opportunity to make a mental list of all you are grateful for in your life. Can be small things such as fresh food, your pet, clean water, the warm bed on a cold night… no matter how repeating things in the beginning, little by little, will start to come more ideas and more details that one is grateful for. In short time you will feel the benefits and will become part of the daily routine!

So I invite you to start today and share your experience, what are you grateful for today?

Love and kindness,