Is an unquestionable fact: your dominant thoughts determine what is your life. You are a living magnet!. Now as never before, science and spirituality work hand-in-hand to explain the workings of the universe. In the last century renowned physical, made a series of discoveries: everything that exists, absolutely everything, by very strong as it may seem, it in fact consists only of energy. In the world everything is interconnected energy.
There is something even more significant.. I have said it before and I repeat today: Your thoughts and emotions are your reality. At the end of the last century, the unthinkable was discover: human emotions have the power to alter even the DNA.
Your emotions determine that energy vibrates with greater or lesser speed: painful emotions create low vibrations  and high vibrations create joyous emotions.
Your energy is affected by your emotions. Your vibration determines your reality.
Your energy completely changes your experience, if your energy vibrates at a low frequency you attract more situations of the same frequency that will make you feel the same way.
If your energy vibrates high attract situations of joy and beneficial for you that will make you experience happiness. With your emotions you connect or “plug in” to any of the endless energy flows that coexist and circulate incessantly around you. Such flows from light to the dark, dense and heavy. The question is: what are you going to “plug-in”?
It is a decision. Your decision.
If you want to find more about how to work with your energy and be magnet for a positive and joyful reality, I would love to help you!