Issa Blanco, Author, Speaker, Counselor

Usui Reiki

Level 2 Advance Course

The course introduces the famous Reiki symbols, and will explore the many ways of using them to enhance the experience of Reiki, their practical use in daily life, and the deeper meaning behind. In Level 2 the student receives the second, higher level attunement, deepening the quality of the energy flow.

Reiki 2 is known as the Practitioner Level, and enables students to give professional treatments with confidence. But is also for self development and spiritual growth which indeed is the main original focus of the symbols.

The courses are taught in a relaxed and personal style, with plenty of time for questions.

The course will cover

∞ Reiki Symbols

∞ Using the symbols in a self treatment

∞ Using the symbols when treating others

∞ Distant healing

∞ Sending reiki to global/ personal situations

∞ Intuitive Reiki

∞ Body scanning

∞ Chakra balancing

∞ Using Reiki for personal growth

∞ Advanced energy cleansing techniques

∞ Level 2 attunement

∞ Advanced symbol

∞ Psychic surgery

∞ Colour and crystal therapy

∞ Third attunement

∞ Becoming a practitioner

Duration: 5 weekly classes of +/- 2 hours each (dependent on size of class). There is one free catch-up class per course, thereafter catch-up classes will be charged for.

Offered in Spanish or English in Munich, München Germany