The Pain of Not Changing 

In the last few days I have dedicated myself to prepare for my next Workshop, Creating the Life you Want.
Writing a lot about manifest a new reality and how to overcome these limiting thoughts, especially around love, self worth and acceptance. I know that I have touched upon various buttons of resistance because we are all in a time of transition and movement of energy very strong.
The limiting beliefs take us apart from the truth of who we are. We are all a single energy (the physical body is an illusion) and all the people around us are a reflection of a part of ourselves. The only way in which we can see something, is if we are vibrating at that frequency or if we have to see it in order to open our eyes to a different reality.
It is normal to feel rejection, apprehension or hear a voice that tells you that this may be nonsense.
It is completely normal that when you wake up all this energy and confront all the limiting beliefs, you suddenly feel the discomfort of having to change. It is completely normal to feel rejection for anything that forces you to recognize what is keeping you from where you want to be or what you want to be. And here you have two options: You can decide to break those walls that prevent you from manifesting the life you want and believe that it is possible to live a different life. Or you can stay where you are and live forever with those things that make you unhappy.
Both decisions bring pain. The first in the short term, because you’re letting go of much of what was your life and your sense of security. The second because lead you to stay stuck in a situation that not longer serve you.
Happiness is a decision that only you can take and the time to take that decision already arrived, because if not, you wouldn’t be reading this. If your answer to my words is a negative belief, then you are not ready for the change and that is totally fine too, time is perfect.
I don’t ask you to change, only that you open to the possibility that there is another way of living or to see the world. That is all.
Surround yourself with inspiration, be grateful for everything in your life ( gratitude is so important), when you acknowledge all the blessings that you already have you increase your vibrations and positive and high vibrations are the canvas for the life that you can create.
If you are ready to start changing I would love to help you.
Love and kindness,