Earthing : Roots on the Earth

When was the last time that you walked barefoot on the ground or you felt the moist in your hands?

All of nature is naturally connected with the earth, animals walk on the earth and the trees are anchored with their strong roots to it.
Mother Earth is our containment and security in this world. We need to connect with her, just as we need to connect with heaven: As above, so below. But, the reality is that we are very disconnected and every time we are looking for more ways to avoid contact with the ground.

It is very rare that today we walk through the garden without shoes, or that we take a walk in a park barefoot or that we look for ways to connect with the Earth in a direct way, including working with the hands in the garden. Contrary to the rest of nature, we humans are the only ones who seem to get away from her, always using shoes and protecting us from “dirt”.
Earthing is the practice of connecting directly with the earth, you could say it is a way of grounding, of roots that connect us to the earth beneath us. To be “rooted” we need to touch the earth in a direct way with our skin, you can be walking on the sand or earth, bathing in the sea or hugging a tree.

There are many studies that indicate the benefits from the practice of connecting with the Earth, some of the benefits are:

· reduce levels of inflammation and pain
· reduces levels of stress and anxiety
· Improves circulation
· improves sleep
· Help you stay younger because it helps to eliminate free radicals.
· Protects you from radiation
· Help you to boost your immune system

I believe that we all have felt the pleasure of smelling and connect with the Earth after a rain, hugging a tree, plant some seeds in the ground, walking on the sand or bathing in the sea.

There is no reason to fear the earth, in reality it is part of our roots and who we are, so go out there and enjoy the beauty of Mother Earth!

Love and light,