Issa Blanco, Author, Speaker, CounselorIn the process of change, the most common emotions that we find in our path are fear, guilt, and the doubt and now I’m going to explain each a bit more.

The fear: Normally, when we face a transformation we are faced with an unknown world. I mean, we know that we want a change, but we do not know what life has planned for us, so that divine plan goes beyond the limits of our present condition. The fear propels us toward the inertia, to stay within the limits of the known. That fear is nothing more that the thought that the new reality that we imagine is not possible, and believe me, that’s what fear wants us to believe. If we do not risk, we run the risk of not achieving the change that we so desperately need.

The guilt: When we seek a personal transformation we are creating, directly or indirectly, a transformation in the world that surrounds us. And although we accept that challenge, perhaps our loved ones are not very happy with the change and they may even say things to make it pretty clear, and that will make us face guilt and then we can end up saying things like :”Now that I’m doing exercise, i have less time for my family” or “Now that I’m doing so well in my job, I battle to find a balance.”

The doubt: Closely related to the fear, but it is also very much related to our vulnerability. Even if we have a good personal image and a good relationship with ourselves, When it comes to periods of change it is natural to doubt our value or the value of our ideas and projects. When we doubt ourselves we open ourselves to the vulnerability of our being, because we know that we are running the risk of not being accepted as we really are, or we run the risk of failure.

But the bottom line is that if we continue the process of transformation, and we dare to know better our vulnerability, then what at first seems a weakness becomes our strength: we know our limits, and learn to respect them. We dare to be creative people, in spite of the opinions of others. And it is then that personal growth occurs.

So go for it and don’t forget that the fear, guilt and doubt are not your enemies, but are always part of the process of change. There is no transformation without having felt this emotions at some point in your way!

Love and kindness,