What you call Coincidence is the Universe telling you “You are getting closer…keep going”
Have you ever said ‘Oh! What a coincidence!’ every single coincidence brings a message to you. In fact, there are no coincidences — there’s only synchronicity, and everything happens for a reason.
The truth is, everything in our life is linked. From the past, to the present and future — every single coincidence we stumble upon is linked. No matter how small or big of a movement is, it is all about synchronicity.

Issa Blanco, Author, Speaker, Counselor

Whether you feel like you are having a perfect day and everything goes smoothly, or experience a bad period in which ‘a lot of coincidences happen,’ the universe is sending you a message. People and things happening in an exact moment is nothing but synchronicity and, fortunately, there is a way to accept it.
Do you know the saying “When the student is ready, the master appears”?
That is exactly how synchronicity is explained. Whenever you are synchronized with something you truly want, you are more likely to meet that thing, which is why similar people meet ‘accidentally’. The thing is, they are tuned in to the exact same frequency, and synchronicity does its best to match them.
Bumped into someone somewhere? Thinking it’s a coincidence, luck or chance? The real answer in this ‘accident’ is the science of chance meeting.
Moreover, it is the reason for something to happen. There is always a reason and a connection to see someone and experience something. Coincidence is only an illusion.
Our past, present and future are all linked. And although we may not understand everything that happens to us, there is always a reason — and that reason becomes apparent at some point in time.
You can start notice synchronicities with people, numbers, events etc. Remember to accept synchronicity in its real form, as a way of spiritual and universal intelligence constantly trying to teach us, reach us and share love, support and guidance.
By Dreamcatcher.
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Love and kindness,