Issa Blanco, Holistic Healing, Mindful Coaching, Emotional Healing, Reiki Randburg South Africa,

I often hear people talking about letting go, letting go a job, letting go a bad relationship, just letting go what not longer serves you. The fact is that in life, everybody has a story and in your story maybe things happened that were difficult to deal with. As a result, negative consequences or bad memories may linger. Even if not apparent, they may still hurt, bother, or trouble you on some level.

Holding onto a negative story can hold you back and keep you down from what you really want and need to heal and achieve peace. Letting go of past negative events is never easy, but it is essential for healing, happiness, and achieving success.  In this workshop we will work together to break all those things that are dragging you down and holding you back from breaking free.

This is a 1 day workshop, offered in Spanish or English in Munich, Germany.