The transformation process consists of four phases (dissolution, imagination, deployment and flight), and is a process that goes in a spiral. That is to say, a change precedes the other, and so on, in a continuum of life-long learning: we will transform in transformation, although each one of them (and each of its phases) can last for months or years: it is part of our way.
Issa Blanco, Author, Speaker, Counselor The 4 Phases of the transformation process are:
Phase 1 The Dissolution: During this period we feel the need for a change. Perhaps we had the same job for many years and loved it, but now… We want something new, something different; something more.. We do not understand why we are unhappy, either in our environment, with our family, couple, or with our employment situation. This is a phase of confusion, in which it seems that our present dissolves and we don’t know what to expect.
To successfully overcome this first phase of transformation, I suggest you focus in the present with self-care techniques. Don’t think too far into the future, because the change still is brewing. If possible, seek the support of others who have gone through similar transformations; this will help you feel more understood. During this phase, the most common negative emotions: fear, guilt and self-doubt. These emotions will accompany us throughout the process of change.
Phase 2 The Imagination: Relaxation after feeling that everything is dissolved and to assume our negative emotions, if we have spent enough time to introspection, we will see how our imagination starts to draw sketches of our new life. Slowly we feel in our being a rebirth and a creative impulse, to which we will have to pay due attention and care. As a seed, our new reality is fragile and needs to be protected.
Take time to feel, meditate, make a collage of inspiration and, more than anything else, to begin to clarify the strategies that you will use later to reach your nascent desires and goals. Once you gain clarity in the new life that is emerging, it is time these life projects take shape.
Phase 3 The Implementation: This could be something complex, as if we have not gained enough clarity in the previous phase, it will be difficult to make progress, feel stuck, or desist of change. It is important to remember that changes can take months, even years in some cases, and that the Implementation phase is a phase long; it requires our flexibility, tenacity and perseverance, and more than anything, requires our total trust in life and in the vision of our new reality, for this is the only way to overcome the challenges that will continue.
If we continue the self-care techniques, we have enough flexibility to learn from our mistakes and move forward, then will come the sweet moment of the flight.
Phase 4 The Flight: Free at this stage the takeoff of our reality is total… to the point that if we look back, we cannot believe that a year ago we were living with that person that did so wrong, that work make us so depressed. In the phase of flight it is time to reap the fruits of the previous phases and fully live our destiny!
However, we want to remind you that life is wise and continues… and surely in short time will want to progress to another reality even deeper. For that reason in the phase of flight it is important to reflect on what has been learned, thank to life, and to recognize that we are constantly transcending limits and knowing us better.
If you are going through this process, I hope that this words bring you some light.
Love and kindness,